Holysouq story

The story begins with my grandfather who is a crafter, he was a shoemaker for almost 20 years, and in the last 30 years, he moved his creativity to create leather bags in his small shop in the old city of Jerusalem. I moved to live with him at the age of 14, and I spent much time with him in the workshop, which is in the home basement. I have learnt a lot, and I have found it an exciting thing to do in my life. After finishing secondary school I moved to Birmingham to study fashion design where I got my bachelor degree.


  Now after I got married I started to think of a way to use my skills to create a small income and enjoy my time. So I spoke with my friends and decided to open my grandfather workshop again. Adnan, Adam, Sarah and I are working together as a team of friends each of us adds his contribution to the overall dream. Currently we are making handmade leather sandals, with styles that we have known for a very long time with a touch of the modern fashion trends.


 Our sandals are available for both men and women, with lots of different models such as strappy sandals, gladiator sandals, thong and open-toe sandals. Our shoes are made from 100% natural cowhide leather with polyurethane rubber anti-slippery sole with a little heel that makes it comfortable and perfect for your summer everyday walks. Dual stitching ensures your sandals will last as long as your feet do. Holysouq was started in 2012 in the old city of Jerusalem – but we have customers of our handmade leather sandals from all over the world. We also will ship the sandals in a gift box with your personal message or gift card at no extra charge to your loved one or friend. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, if you’re not happy with our product, return it for a full refund.


Our product


RESILIENT BEYOND IMAGINATION  Our premium-quality, waterproof leather can cope and weather. Dual-stitching assures your sandals last longer then you imagine, and grippy soles that allow you to confidently hike, bike and discover the world in a unique style   


leather sandals the mold in you feet



leather sandals making


REMARKABLE GUARANTEED COMFORT Inspired by the sandal making heritage, each shoe is made by hand in a way that makes it more comfortable with time. Using the finest leather is what we pride ourselves with, leather that molds the insoles to your feet like a custom made! Try a pair, and you will be amazed by how these sandals feel like a second skin. 


sandals by holysouq


Genuine leather sandals



ALWAYS PURE AND NATURAL MATERIALS. We decided to take a long way by not cutting corners like other manufactures, using vegetable-based stains and top quality leather, perfect finishing for each sandal by expert crafter's hand, enabling stronger, more resilient shoe that we can stand for.





Thank you for getting in touch and reading our story, can't wait to make your next sandals. Holysouq Thank you!